General Information

Hayr Car Share is a Self-drive Car Model where anyone can avail this service of hiring a Car from minimum one minute to one day.

Hayr Operates in Tricity covering Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali.

The simple way to start up Your new Business!

You can travel anywhere in Hayr Car subject to the presence of Hayr in that particular city.

Your Full Name, valid E-mail Address, Working Phone Number and a Valid Driving License along with the valid proof of Identity and Residence.

Registration Certificate, Insurance of the Vehicle, Pollution Certificate, State Tax Certificate, Rent a Cab License and any other document as may be necessary as per the laws for the time being in force.

No. It is a Self- Driven Car.

Any Nearby Designated/Valid Parking area as shown in the Mobile Application.

Only in the Designated/Valid Parking Areas as shown in the Mobile Application.

There is no difference between the Tariff rates of Weekday and Weekend. For further details regarding the Tariff, you can please refer to the Tariff details as displayed on the Tariff page and Mobile Application.

No. Hayr highly recommends that only the user who has uploaded his/her driving license during the reservation should drive.

The minimum time period for reserving the Hayr Vehicle is 30 minutes. After this, the reservation will automatically be cancelled.


You can become a user just by singing up/by creating an account with all the basic contact information including your Banking details in Mobile Application.

For Driving Hayr Car you must possess the Valid Driving Licenseduly issued by the Registering and Licensing Authority of State in India or an International Driving License.

You should have attained the age of 18 years for driving the Vehicle in any Public Place with a valid driving License.

No. we do not allow pets in the Vehicle.

No. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside car.

Hayr Vehicles

Hayr offers Datsun (redi-Go). All Hayr cars are brand new.

Hayr has both transmission i.e. Automatic as well as Manual Transmission.

Hayr Cars are cleaned through Car Jockeys on regular intervals throughout the day.

All Hayr Cars are serviced as per their regular scheduled service period depending upon the Miles covered by that particular vehicle.

Reservation of Hayr Cars

You can reserve a Hayr Car through our mobile application by just pressing the tab “Reserve”. For reserving the car, you should have atleast Rs. 500/- (Rupees Five Hundred only) balance in your Hayr Wallet.

You need to upload the valid driving license for driving the light motor vehicles along with the Aadhar card and/or Passport.

You can reserve a car from minimum One minute to maximum One month.

There are no charges for reserving the Hayr car. You can reserve it for 30 minutes.

There are no charges for reserving the Hayr car. You can reserve it for 30 minutes.

You do not need to pay anything for the reservation unless and until you do not start the trip in your mobile application. The moment you will press the tab ‘Start’ within that reservation time period, the payment meter shall start at the rate of Rs. 1/- per minute.And in case, you start the engine within that reservation time period only, the same will be charged at the rate of Rs. 7/- per minute.

No. Hayr highly recommends only the user to make reservation for himself/herself.

The flat rate of cancellation is Rs. 50/- per ride. In case, after reservation, you are unable to reach within 30 minutes at the Car pick point, the reservation will automatically be cancelled and the amount be deducted from your Hayr Wallet.

The flat rate of Cancellation is Rs. 50/- per ride.

The Reservation of Hayr Car will be valid only for 30 minutes. After expiry of 30 minutes, the reservation will automatically be cancelled. You cannot extend the time period of reservation, you wil have to make the fresh reservation.

The moment you will press the tab “Reserve” and it is valid for next 30 minutes.

You can pick your reserved car from any nearby location.

Invoicing & Payments

You can make the payments online by using your credit/debit card, Internet Banking and Mobile Wallet.

Your payment will include car rental tariff and applicable taxes.

No. All payments are to be made online only.

Hayr Transactions will be labelled as Hayr Technology LLP.

Your invoice will include car rental tariff, any penalty levied and applicable taxes.

My Trip

The moment you will press the tab “Start”, your trip will start.

Your trip ends when you drop the Hayr Car locked at the designated/ valid Parking Area and press the tab “End Trip”.

Any nearby Public Parking Area. Your mobile application will display the available parking areas as well as any wrong parking done by you.

You need to check for damages, dents, interiors, exteriors, vehicle documents, tool kit, First Aid Box, spare tyre, wiper, headlight, tyre pressure & relevant accessories.

Please contact us via our helpline no. 1800-120-010101.

Please call the nearest Police Station and Ambulance, if required. You will intimate the Hayr Authorities via Toll free No. 1800-120-010101.

Please call at the Toll free No. 1800-120-010101.

Yes. You will have to abide by the speed limits fixed by the Authorities in a particular city. In case of breach of this specific clause, you will have to pay the penalty as per the pre-decided terms and conditions.

You need to carry a valid driving license for driving a light motor vehicle and valid Govt. issued photo identity proof.

No. Only the user who has been registered as member of Hayr.

No. Except for the Parking Area, which are not designated as per the Hayr Mobile Application.

Yes. You need to pay for all the applicable traffic violations.

Hayr recommends continuous cleaning of car for your hygiene & comfort.

No. The tariff includes the fuel cost.

Hayr takes the onus to pay the insurance of the vehicle as vehicle belongs to Hayr only.

As per the particular request of the user.

In case of Vehicle break down, Hayr takes the responsibility to pay the proportion damages, whereas in case of User’s negligence, the user shall take the responsibility to pay the damages.

Hayr provides 24×7 Customer Support and our fleet team coordinates the roadside assistance.

All Hayr Vehicles are equipped with best in class GPS devices and provide round the clock information about the car and their movement.

Yes. The Hayr Cars will be monitored at the back end and you will receive instant notifications in case of over speed. You will be penalized for the over-speeding as per the traffic laws of that particular city along with the Hayr’s Penal amount included in the tariff for the ride.

Yes. The Hayr mobile application will keep the record of the users and at any moment the application displays that the user has violated the traffic guidelines for consecutively three times. He will be blacklisted.

The user will not be able to reserve the Hayr car for the next one week.